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Here are the puzzles I have built, some are copies of existing models, the others are models that I conceived and realized. I study at first the model on computer by means of a CAD software, then I manufacture pieces and next I make moulds in silicone to be able to flow finally the pieces in resin polyuréthane. For certain puzzle, I used a solder iron of weak power to form the plastic then after numerous knocks of file, I obtain the piece which I sand and polished. I can possibly make puzzle for you, do not hesitate to contact me
  Cube 6x6x6
  It's the cube that I have conceive and made in 2002
  Fused Cube
  Diamond Cube
  Pillow Cube
  Magic Ocateder
  Rare puzzle, its movements look like a 3x3x3 cube
  Magic Jewel
  Magic Octaeder variant
  Rhombic Dodecaedre
  I have create this octaeder with a 2x2x2 cube
  Lolo's Ocateder
  I have create this octaeder with a 2x2x2 cube